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Health and wellbeing

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework 2012 report: Australian Capital Territory

This report provides the latest information on how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are faring according to a range of indicators on health status, determinants or health and health system performance.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability: wellbeing, participation and support

This report focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with severe or profound core activity limitation, and compares them with non-ATSI people with the same limitation and with ATSI people without such limitation.

Access to dental services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities – A scoping review

This research scopes published studies that address access to dental services for children with IDD in order to determine the extent to which various barriers have been researched.

Access to mental health services in Victoria: A focus on ethnic communities

People from an ethnic minority background are less likely to use mental health services than the Australian-born people. This study examined the outcomes of an intervention aimed at increasing the use of mental health services by people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Acquired brain injury research project (PDF) final report

This report provides information about the prevalence of acquired brain injury (ABI). It points to unmet service needs. It presents an estimation of money required for people living with an ABI.

Across the divide: Facilitating the transition of students with intellectual disability to secondary school

This research project explored the major concerns of different stakeholders involved in the transition from primary to secondary schools of students with an intellectual disability. Results highlighted the need for more effective communication among carers, parents and other stakeholders.

Adaptive behaviour in Australia: What items are essential for assessing independent living?

This paper suggests everyday behaviours that are essential for independent functioning. Safety, health, functional literacy, self-care, numeracy, respecting others' rights and day-to-day decision-making were considered the most important for independent functioning.

Adult children of parents with mental illness: Losing oneself. Who am I?

There is a limited body of research that focuses on experiences of families of people with mental illness. While the body of knowledge concerning children of parents with mental illness is...

Advancing the Curriculum for Young People who have an Intellectual Disability. Advocacy in Health: A Pilot Study

This article reports on the pilot work for a collaborative National Health and Medical Research Council project in Australia involving education and health professionals to improve the health and well‐being of young people who have an intellectual disability.

Aerobic exercise improves lung function in children with intellectual disability: A randomised trial

This article seeks to explore if aerobic exercise improves lung function in children with intellectual disability.

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