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Health and wellbeing

Factors influencing postural management for children with cerebral palsy in the special school setting

Postural management is used to help address the musculoskeletal and participation issues associated with cerebral palsy (CP). This study aimed to identify the factors influencing postural management in special schools.

Factors mediating dysphoric moods and help seeking behaviour among Australian parents of children with autism

This study compared levels of state affect, dysphoric mood, and parenting sense of competence in Australian parents of children with or without autism. The effects of personality and location on...

Family caregivers: Russian‐speaking Australian women's access to welfare support

This paper explores how Australian social policy and Russian-speaking women's understanding of their roles impact on their access to welfare support. Women's past experiences and knowledge of social services together with a weak referral by practitioners were barriers to using welfare services.

Family day care is for normal kids: Facilitators and barriers to the inclusion of children with disabilities in family day care

This paper explored barriers and factors that promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in family day care (FDC). It discusses the implications of the inclusion of children with disabilities in FDC.

Family inclusion and people with profound intellectual disabilities: An exploration of the policy-practice interface and the experiences of adult siblings

This paper examines the policy implications of the experiences of siblings of people with an intellectual disability.

Fixing the system? The experience of service users of the quasi‐market in disability services in Australia

This paper showed that despite market reforms, service delivery for people with disabilities did not improve. Service users experienced inadequate service supply, service cutbacks, and an increased emphasis on cost subsidisation and assessment processes.

From diminished men to conditionally masculine: sexuality and Australian men and adolescent boys with intellectual disability

This qualitative study focused on the sexual health needs of boys and men with intellectual disability in Australia. Some factors that constitute masculinity are described in detail.

Gender differences in emotionality and sociability in children with autism spectrum disorders

This article seeks to explore clinical observations that suggest that females with ASD generally demonstrate better social and emotional skills than males with ASD, which may camouflage other diagnostic features.

General practice registrars’ care of people with intellectual disabilities

The aim of the study was to elucidate the barriers experienced by general practice registrars in their provision of health care to people with intellectual disabilities.

Geographical patterns in the recreation and leisure participation of children and youth with cerebral palsy: A CAPE international collaborative network study

This article seeks to explore geographical variation in the leisure participation of children/youth with cerebral palsy (CP), using Children's Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment (CAPE) data from Australia, Canada and the US.

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