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Health and wellbeing

Evaluating communication training for paid carers of people with traumatic brain injury

This paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a communication training programme for paid carers to improve their conversational interactions with people with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Evaluating Diagnostic tools in the Assessment of Autism and Parental Experiences of the Assessment and Diagnostic Process

This study aims to investigate the level of agreement between the GARS, CARS and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria, examining the reliability and validity of the GARS in identifying autism. Secondly, this study will examine parental experiences of the assessment and diagnostic process.

Evaluation of four autism early childhood intervention programs

This paper evaluates four Autism Early Childhood Intervention programs delivered in four ADHC regions between 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2012.

Evaluation of the Australian adaptation of the Keeping It Together (KIT‐Australia) information package with carers of children with special needs

The ‘Keeping It Together’ (KIT) information package is useful in meeting the information needs of children with special needs. This study found evidence in support of this claim in the Australian context.

Evaluation of the Neurodegenerative Conditions Coordinated Care Program (NCCCP) in Western Australia: Barriers to better service provision

This paper details a 2009–2010 evaluation of the Neurodegenerative Conditions Coordinated Care Program (NCCCP) commissioned by the Disability Services Commission (DSC) in Western Australia (WA).

Every Australian Counts

This online resource aims to help people get ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and ensure they get the most they can get out of it.

Examining the participation patterns of an ageing population with disabilities in Australia

This study examined the patterns of participation in physical activity of people with disabilities. Age, workload and type of disability affected the participation patterns of the older people in sports.

Exercise intervention to prevent falls and enhance mobility in community dwellers after stroke: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial

This is a protocol of a randomised controlled trial will investigate whether exercise can reduce fall rates and increase mobility and physical activity levels in stroke survivors.

Factors associated with dental admissions for children aged under five years in Western Australia

This paper describes dental hospital admissions and associated factors in children under five years. A range of factors such as sex, location, having birth defects and being Indigenous influenced hospital admissions.

Factors associated with the use of mechanical restraint in disability services

Background Mechanical restraint refers to the use of materials or devices to restrict the behaviours of a person with a disability, where the restraint is neither for therapeutic purposes or...

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