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Health and wellbeing

Disability, employment and work performance among people with ICD‐10 anxiety disorders

This study identified factors that affect labour force participation and work performance among people with anxiety disorders. Reduced labour force participation, degraded employment trajectories and impaired job performance influenced anxiety disorders.

Disability, the use of aids and the role of the environment

This report provides a broad-scale picture of the association between disability and the environment in Australia, by providing information on some of the environmental factors important to people with disabilities in Australia.

Early Childhood Intervention Coordination Program: Information Options Project

This report focuses on challenges and difficulties experienced by parents and service providers in accessing accurate and up-to-date information about early childhood services. It suggests some of the ways of removing barriers to accessing information.

Early Detection of Hearing Loss: The Case for Listening to Mothers

This article seeks to explore mothers' experiences of discovering that their babies had a permanent hearing loss in Australia in 2008.

Early mortality and primary causes of death in mothers of children with intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder: a retrospective cohort study

INTRODUCTION: Mothers of children with intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have poorer health than other mothers. Yet no research has explored whether this poorer health is...

Effect of singing on respiratory function, voice, and mood after quadriplegia: a randomized controlled trial

This study examined the effects of music therapy on respiratory function, voice, mood, and quality of life for people with quadriplegia. Results showed positive outcomes of singing on social and psychological well-being.

Effectiveness of rehabilitation intervention in persons with multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial

Multiple sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. This article seeks to explore the effectiveness of rehabilitation intervention in persons with multiple sclerosis.

Employment restrictions among persons with ICD-10 anxiety disorders: characteristics from a population survey

This paper discusses employment restrictions among people with mental health problems (ICD-10). The nature of restrictions was: the type of jobs, number of hours, changing jobs and the need for a support person. The implications of the results for income support were discussed.

Employment status after spinal cord injury (1992-2005): a review with implications for interpretation, evaluation, further research, and clinical practice

This study reviews the research conducted on the topic of employment status after spinal cord injury that was published between 1992 and 2005. Post-injury employment rates varied by geographical location as well as by the time spent after injury.

End-of-Life Care and Dying: Issues Raised by Staff Supporting Older People with Intellectual Disability in Community Living Services

The aim of this study was to explore the current status of end-of-life care and dying of people with intellectual disability based on the experiences of staff in community living services. ocus...

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Research to Action Guides

  • A Guide for disability practitioners, schools, employers and young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia....
  • The Culturally Proficient Service Delivery Research to Action Guide has been developed to assist in the provision of accessible, appropriate and effective disab...