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Research to Action Guides

A Guide to Good Group Homes

This Guide explores what the research evidence tells us makes a difference in group homes, and to the lives of people who live in them.

A Sustainable Rural and Remote Workforce for Disability

This R2A Guide articulates the key components of rural and remote workforce development in Australia, as presented by the existing research evidence.

Communication First Principles

This Research to Action Guide explores the ‘first principles’ when working with people who have Complex Communication Support Needs (CCSN). The suite includes practice guides based on seven evidence based principles for good communication partners.

Inclusive Research

This Research to Action Guide promotes and supports best practice in inclusive research by providing a review of the evidence and strategies that ensure end-users of services and policies are key in decision making.

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Working collaboratively at the interface of disability and health services

This R2A Guide is intended to assist health and disability practitioners to understand the issues related to working at the interface of their sectors, to support people with disability and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Research to Action Guides